The Costs of Bad Biomechanics

You know the importance of workplace safety but have you considered the impact of how your workers move, day after day, while performing their job?

Will COVID-19 Make Wearables Mainstream?

As concerns rise over a ‘second wave’ of cases, so does the urgency among employers to protect their workforce.

Using Data to Reduce Injuries in the Workplace: 3 Steps

Optimize your workplace safety programs to minimize risk and address preventable threats.

Save Time, Reduce Risk with Data-Driven Contact Tracing

The ideas behind contact tracing, early detection and early response can help limit the spread of disease.

How Two Facilities
are Keeping Floor
Workers Virus-Free

Concerned about keeping your workforce safe and healthy in the face of the unrelenting coronavirus?

4 Tips for Forming a
Safety ‘Bubble’ in the
Industrial Workplace

A new social concept is floating around as coronavirus concerns endure – the quarantine ‘bubble.’

Essential Technology
for an Essential

Stay safe and connected during COVID. Here’s why your workforce knows it’s essential.

Wearables in
the Industrial

Technology is impacting the way we work – and now it’s coming to the industrial space.

3 Covid-19 Workplace
Concerns Wearable
Tech Addresses

Learn what’s keeping your peers up at night, and how to prevent it with wearable technology.

Launch of Social Distancing and
Contact Tracing

COVID has been a challenge for our essential workforce. Today, we announce our solution.

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