The Kinetic team is on a mission to create a safer workplace for the frontline workforce. Kinetic has a patented wearable device, called Reflex, which sits on the wearer’s hip and alerts them when they perform a high-risk motion which could lead to an injury.  Our wearable technology has been proven to reduce injuries by 55%, and has been deployed to tens of thousands of industrial workers at some of the leading Fortune 500 firms, including Pepsi, DHL and Home Depot. Starting in 2022 Kinetic partnered with Nationwide to sell Workers Compensation insurance, where policyholders get our technology for free as part of their insurance policy.

At this stage, Kinetic has approximately 45 employees across groups ranging from software development to enterprise customer success to business development for insurance. We have raised over $20M from top VC firms and partners like Primary Ventures, Nationwide Ventures, and Crosslink Capital.

Kinetic is starting to grow quickly due to the rapid growth in both its insurance product offering and enterprise sales, with 10x growth in just 2 years.

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