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Frito-Lay Plant Uses Wearable Device Data to Empower Change

The Situation

Frito-Lay has deployed wearables among thousands of frontline employees in 34  manufacturing and distribution centers located throughout North America, to address risk of worker strain and sprain injuries caused by improper postures performed on the job.

At the company’s Kern Plant in California, management used wearable device data to identify facility hot spots for improper movements. Data showed the bakery processing team was at the top for incorrect postures by individual. Associates were performing an average of 33 repetitive twists and bends per day, with the highest risk individual performing 88 per day.

Based on the teams’ improper postures, management was able to identify times of risk and investigate why the incorrect movements were occurring. It was revealed that workstation space limitations during ingredient changeovers were causing a significant increase in incorrect twists and bends. Also, when taking weight samples, operators were continuously having to overreach towards the middle of the conveyor.

Results: Focused Coaching & Workstation Redesign

Using these actionable insights, managers were able to focus their safety efforts on the employees of this team, providing them coaching on alternate lifting and turning techniques to reduce risky movements. Operators learned to bend their knees to squat while lifting heavy items and to turn their feet to point towards the item they are lifting, instead of twisting. In turn, they reduced their awkward postures.

Furthermore, management at the Kern plant used the wearable device data to drive purchasing decisions, retrofit equipment, and modify workspace setups to further reduce ergonomic risks.

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2019 KINETIC © All rights reserved.