How Two Facilities are Keeping Floor Workers Virus-Free

July 23, 2020


Concerned about keeping your workforce safe and healthy in the face of the unrelenting coronavirus? You’re not alone. Manufacturers and companies across the globe are amping up safety measures, following new protocols and leveraging new tools. 

In this battle, two essential businesses in Rhode Island are finding added security and control with wearable technology. Both outfitted their floor workers with smart devices that utilize proximity alerts to enforce safe distancing practices. And in both facilities, results show a significant reduction in close contacts, a paramount step in keeping workers virus-free.

Keeping a Safe Distance

Mammoth Incorporated, a class B licensed medical marijuana manufacturer, began using the KINETIC Reflex smart wearable in May, soon after being labeled an essential business. Managers deployed the belt-mountable devices among all employees and were able to provide training in less than 20 minutes. In only one week, the company reduced close contacts among floor workers by over 93%.

Mammoth’s director of operations said the difference was felt instantly. “I was well informed on employee interactions, and felt prepared to protect my employees and keep my facility operational.” 

Also in May, as Covid-19 concerns escalated, the Warwick Ice Cream Company implemented KINETIC wearable tech with all team members at their production facility. One month later, data showed a 76% reduction in close contacts. The Reflex tech additionally reduced the average duration of worker contacts – dropping from 7 minutes to less than 60 seconds.

The director of shipping & receiving at Warwick appreciates how the device is helping everyone build their social distancing skills and said it has become a “key component” in the company’s workplace safety plan.

In the Case of a Case

Despite safe distancing and other illness-prevention measures, management at Mammoth and Warwick knew that in the case of a worker becoming symptomatic or testing positive for Covid-19, they’d need a quick and efficient contact tracing program. Wearable technology helped them automate and simplify this otherwise imprecise and time consuming process.

Interviewing employees and reviewing camera footage took a backseat to the timely, accurate reports provided by Kinetic’s contact tracing feature. The wearable tech solution includes a software analytics platform that can easily identify every contact between workers and their duration. The tool frees up senior staff and allows them to use reliable data in making workplace decisions that reduce the spread of coronavirus.

An Enduring Situation and  Solution

With no near end in sight for the threat Covid-19 imposes on the industrial workplace, wearable technology offers a smart way to keep workers healthy and productive. As these two New England companies discovered, wearable devices provide immediate safeguards: enhancing safe distancing behaviors and highlighting high-risk situations, such as congested work zones and high-contact time frames. 

Furthermore, the smart technology will continue to have merit well beyond this current crisis, with proven capabilities to reduce unsafe postures, strengthen work habits, and improve work processes. As the Mammoth CEO stated, “COVID-19 will eventually pass, but Kinetic will still be valuable in our operation.”

Haytham Elhawary

CEO & Cofounder, KINETIC

2019 KINETIC © All rights reserved.

2019 KINETIC © All rights reserved.