Our Story

Kinetic co-founder and CEO Haytham Elhawary came to understand the impact of workplace injuries on individuals and families at an early age. During his childhood in London, his mother worked as an elderly care nurse – a job that strained her back and, in turn their family, as she underwent several work related injuries.

Elhawary’s childhood experience – and his professional background in robotics and artificial intelligence – inspired him to explore a high-tech solution for reducing workplace injuries among front-line workers. In 2014, he partnered with his engineer friend and future co-founder and CTO Aditya Bansal, to begin development of a wearable device that could reduce industrial workplace injuries. Dozens of prototypes later, and joined by some of the best engineers, mathematicians and ergonomists, the team finalized the current REFLEX device in 2016.

Today, the Kinetic team is headquartered in New York City, with approximately 40 employees around the US and Canada. To date, tens of thousands of workers have worn the REFLEX product in hundreds of facilities all around the world, in the logistics, retail, and manufacturing industries. Their mission is as relevant today as it was when they started soldering their first prototypes: to use the best technology in the world to serve and improve the lives of our front-line workers. Because they deserve it.


2019 KINETIC © All rights reserved.

2019 KINETIC © All rights reserved.