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JULY 1, 2021   |


The #1 way to increase the success of your wearable safety program is to increase employee adoption.

It seems obvious to state that wearables only add value when they’re worn, but the importance of employee participation can’t be understated. To drive wearable safety program success, your workers not only need to actually want to wear the devices, you need to be able to deploy them effortlessly and monitor participation with ease.

With our updated Reflex dashboard interface, you can now utilize new tools to ensure your devices are being worn and increase employee engagement.

How to increase adoption:

→  See all of your devices in one place on the new Devices page, where at a glance you can determine which devices are available and who needs to be assigned, or see if more devices are required to support your team.

→  Easily monitor team participation with the new Weekly Active Time metric that highlights which employees are wearing the devices, including the frequency and duration of use.

Actionable data insights are key to reducing injuries through wearables.

As wearable adoption increases among your workforce, so does the amount of data available to you. And with more data you get more actionable insights into how to keep your workers safe and injury-free

To help you make the most of your data and the insights it offers we’ve made a few more updates. Along with a cleaner look-and-feel to your dashboard, you’ll find new metrics and reports that make interpreting your wearable data, and using it to improve workplace safety, easier than ever.

How to better leverage your data:

→  Use the new Hourly High Risk Postures metric to compare risk levels across employees and jobs, including varying-length shifts. By comparing high-risk posture rates across time periods, you can easily identify groups, individuals or your entire program to target your coaching efforts and highlight points of progress.

→  Share data with your team and fortify your coaching efforts with enhanced Individual Reports – these are great for celebrating employee safety wins too (which strengthens wearable participation!).

→  Spend less time interpreting data – and more time focused on coaching opportunities and workplace improvements – with easy-to-read key metrics in updated Weekly Email Reports.

Explore the Updated KINETIC Dashboard

If you’re a KINETIC Reflex customer, you can start increasing employee participation and making the most of your wearable data today! Visit the New Dashboard 101 support article for more detailed information about the new features. If you need additional assistance, please reach out to our support team.

Request a free demo now and learn how you can get started with KINETIC Reflex to reduce injury rates by 50-60%*.

*Independently verified by Perr & Knight, a leading actuarial consulting firm

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